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20 Best Photography Websites & Resources for Beginner Photographers

The images themselves are standard stock fare for the most part, albeit with more diversity from the subjects in them. The search functionality wasn’t as accurate as other sites we’ve used. Despite this, it wasn’t tough to find something to suit our requirements, and we’d bet it won’t be for you either.

stock photography resources

As such, there have been a number of iconic images that have documented various points in history. In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, you’re now able to use photos from the LIFE magazine archives in your own projects. designer stocks For the unaware, a ‘morgue file’ is a reference folder full of clippings and other materials for future project inspiration. As such, the Morguefile site is a community stock photo library that has regular updates.

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This royalty can increase if you decide to become a photographer exclusively with Fotolia. One nice thing about Fotolia is they list the commissions and credits earned per sales (depending on size and license) right on their site before registering. This lets a contributor decide if they want to be fully exclusive, partially exclusive or non-exclusive right off the bat. Though, there’s no search facility to speak of, so you’re going to be running through the entire batch of photos to find the right one. If you have the time and the right topic, Crow the Stone is going to be a perfect stock site for you.

stock photography resources

Still, the photos are good quality, and have a ‘hipster’ vibe that will suit lifestyle blogs (in our opinion). Foca deals in videos, social media templates, and – important for us – photos. The default view of the size is to show the most recent photos added to the platform. This means the first images you see might not be the best on offer. The quality is high, and you’ll find long-lens animal shots, gorgeous landscapes, and much more.

Incredible royalty-free stock photos and more

If you’ve come to the end of these 20 photography websites and you aren’t itching to grab your camera, what are you doing? From portraits to bugs and everything in between, these photography websites will be a perfect source of inspiration as you embark on your photography journey. Brandon is a New York-based photographer creating sensational photographs of people with an incredible eye for lighting. LEDs, street lamps, strips of sunlight through blinds, and flares all play a huge part in creating his vibrant images. If it’s newsworthy and photography-related, you’ll hear it in Digital Photography Review first. The team covers everything from the latest photos of Mars from NASA to what’s new in consumer drone technology.

BucketListly is a startup by Pete R. He took all the original 5,000 travel photos available on this website. Great for travel websites, just don’t forget to properly attribute his photos. Cupcake is run by Jonas Wimmerström, and gives you a whole host of photos based around close up subjects. There are a couple of great features of the site worth mentioning.

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Big Stock Photo also offers 50% commissions and that means your sales will range from $.50 for the smallest downloads to $3 each for the largest. Payouts start as low $50 of accumulated proceeds and can be paid through Paypal or MoneyBookers. They list the images that are most in demand, making it very useful to target your work.

  • Royalty-free sites offer a static price per image download, no matter on use (to some degree, as there are limits).
  • Often you were stuck with very cheap stock images that didn’t fit.
  • Despite this, they’re free and available for immediate download.

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