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We are breeding high, top-quality “Pitbull and bully puppies”. We have this passion for the breeds. So during their newborn phase, the pups will be introduced to many new things including children, farm animals, cats other dogs, and friends and family this helps to give the puppy confidence and make sure they are mentally stimulated and being a top quality “Pit Bull and bully puppies breeder” or “Pitbull and bully puppies Breeder” specializing in the XXL huge American Pitbull Terrier and bully puppies, short American Pitbull Terrier, medium American Pitbull Terrier, or tall “American Pitbull Terrier” and bully puppies. We specialize in “blue Pitbull and red Pitbull”, our “blue Pitbull puppies” or “blue American terriers for sale” come from the top and best bloodlines in the world. We almost always have “Pitbull puppies for sale in the USA and bully puppies for sale”, “blue Pitbull puppies and bully puppies for sale”, or “blue Pitbulls for sale”, as we have breeding all year round We have been breeding the “American Pitbull Terrier also known as “Pitbulls” or “pit bulls” or more specifically “blue Pitbulls” or “blue pit bulls” at our pit bull kennel or Pitbull kennel for structure, size, and temperament.

Great Pet Value

We breed “blue pitbulls and American bully puppies” or “American Terriers” here at our “site” ever since we fell in love with the “blue Pitbull and American bully puppies”. All of our “American Pitbull Terrier and American bully puppies” and “blue pitbulls” are ukc registered and all of our “pit bulls” or “pit bulls” come with complete “Pitbull” UKC registration papers.

We know that we have some of the best “pit bull” bloodlines in the world here at our “blue Pitbull” or “Blue pit bull Kennel” or “Pit-bull Kennel” and we will continue to improve our “blue pit bulls” dog bloodlines and only produce bigger and best “XXL blue pitbulls” and “Xtreme Bully Pit-bulls” and “Bully Pitbulls” and “Massive Pit-bulls” as we evolve to be the top “Pitbull Kennel” or top “Pitbull Breeder” in world. We are proud of producing the finest “American Pit bull Terriers” or “blue pitbulls” the world has ever seen. American bully puppy’s sale cheap, American puppy sale near me pit bull puppies sale near me, pit bull puppy for sale near me. Please stay tuned to our “Pitbull home.

All puppies come with the bundle to ensure health, happiness, and peace of mind during travel.

Pup-Up & Away!

We are nationwide service! Receive your new friend at your local airport, or pick up if you are close to our store locations. We also offer ground delivery straight to your door! It is our mission to provide homes for happy, healthy puppies and a resource for our customers and breeders to share the love of our furry friends and companions.

Our Letter To You

We have more than 10 years of experience in the business of providing families with exceptional puppies who are guaranteed to be healthy. Our experience and service has helped us to provide puppies for sale online to thousands of satisfied families. We are the best in the business! Don’t just take our word for it, read reviews from happy customers or testimonials from our employees!

Our puppies begin their lives with quality, licensed, and responsible breeders who remain accountable for the health of each of our dogs. Each of our puppies is up to date on all shots and vaccinations including Parvo, distemper and more. Your puppy will have been checked by a licensed veterinarian a minimum of five times before they go home with you and will have been properly dewormed. If your puppy has a pedigree (most do) you will receive a family tree showing four generations to ensure there is no inbreeding. Your American Kennel Club or American Kennel Club Partners Registration will automatically be set up in your name.

We will be with you and your new puppy for a lifetime. We provide several guarantees included with the purchase of each puppy . Check out the array of premium benefits we offer for all adopted puppies.

Each puppy goes home with a free microchip that is activated with amber alert through PetKey, some starter puppy food with a vitamin kit and a certificate from the veterinarian ensuring your puppy’s good health. We also provide free online puppy training videos and access to an over the phone puppy training hotline.

History :

The American Pitbull Puppies originates from the British Isles in the nineteenth century, where bull breeds were reared with terrier breeds to in the long run make both the American Pit Bull and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Initially reproduced for bear or bull traps, APBTs were utilized in illicit dogfighting rings just as catch canines for grouping, chasing, and driving animals.

Our Puppies :

At States Pitbull Homes we promise a puppy experience like no other. We specialize in purebreds, desirable pure-breeds and a variety of larger and specialty breeds as well. All in a relaxed, intimate setting. We also offer premium pet merchandise in our unique boutique filled with the highest quality, most exclusive pet accessories and supplies available. Available Puppies

Our Mission :

We focus on the improvement of the breed. What this means to us is that we always make a conscious effort to study the health, temperament, conformation and pedigrees of our Dogs, and make any needed improvements when planning our breeding. When we breed, we are always looking for our next home bred champion! or better still good and perfect homes.

American Pit Bull Terrier Lifespan

American Pit Bull Terriers live about 10-14 years.

American Pit Bull Terrier Appearance

What Colors Do American Pit Bull Terriers Come In?

American Pit Bull Terriers come in about any comprehensible shading mix, and are either strong hued or have mottle or tuxedo designing.

The amount of American Pit Bull Terriers Shed?

Bull breeds are occasional shedders, yet American Pit Bull Terriers can in any case shed a considerable amount. Notwithstanding, it’s nothing a decent regular brushing can’t calm

Do You Need to Groom an American Pit Bull Terrier?

American Pit Bull Terriers need next to no prepping on account of their exceptionally short, smooth coat. Customary showers and the intermittent brushing will be done directly by this canine.


American Pit Bull Terrier Temperament, Personality and Training

The amount Do American Pit Bull Terriers Bark?

To the embarrassment of those searching for a gatekeeper canine, American Pit Bull Terriers are staggeringly inviting towards outsiders so they are the exemplification of the old expression, “Their bark is more awful than their nibble.” They have a moderate propensity to bark, yet they can be disheartened from yelping with legitimate preparation and exercise.

QuietExtremely Vocal

Are American Pit Bull Terriers Good with Kids?

American Pit Bull Terriers are unimaginably benevolent and delicate with kids, reliably getting top markings for a variety that coexists well with youngsters!

Needs Lot of SupervisionVery Tolerant

Are American Pit Bull Terriers Good Family Dogs?

American Pit Bull Terriers are amazingly inviting – the United Kennel Club states that “Hostility conduct towards people is profoundly strange of the variety.” With the correct socialization and preparing, American Pit Bull Terriers can make magnificent allies to a family.

Free Spirit Family Dog All the Way

Are American Pit Bull Terriers Good with Cats?

Like with any variety, in the possession of a mindful proprietor, the American Pit Bull Terrier can coexist with a wide range of creatures, including felines. They are, notwithstanding, a high-vitality creature, and can be uncontrollable with other, littler creatures. They’ll require legitimate preparation and limits so as to live amicably with your cat.


American Pit Bull Terriers are both exceptionally canny and amazingly anxious so it would be ideal if you render them the ideal contender for preparing. Moreover, they have shown themselves extremely skilled at unlearning helpless conduct from a past day to day environment.


American Pit Bull Terrier Health
Do American Pit Bull Terriers Have a Lot of Health Problems?

American Pit Bull Terriers are a genuinely solid variety with a significant powerful life expectancy.

What Diseases are American Pit Bull Terriers Prone To?

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: Hip and elbow dysplasia are two of the most widely recognized skeletal infections found in canines. They are comparative sicknesses in which either the hip or elbow joint has developed anomalous or is distorted. The strange shape keeps the joints and attachments from appropriately meeting each other, bringing about scouring and granulating as opposed to sliding easily. Dissimilar to in hip dysplasia, where the primary issue is joint flimsiness, the irregularities found in elbow dysplasia regularly bring about bits of bone and additionally ligament loosening up and bothering the joint tissues. After some time, the scouring from dysplasia can cause an assortment of issues, for example, agony, weakness and auxiliary osteoarthritis. Medical procedures should be possible to fix the joint whenever analyzed before the beginning of joint pain. On the off chance that you are protecting a pit bull, have him looked at by a vet to check whether he has or is inclined to getting dysplasia so you recognize what he will have the option to deal with regarding exercises and exercise.

Dental :

American Pitbull Terriers generally have good teeth, and you can keep them perfect by brushing them at least twice a week! Our free first-time owners manual included with your puppy will show you how.

Degenerative myelopathy (CDRM):

This is a neurological issue that causes dynamic loss of motion in the discover legs. There is no accessible treatment by and large, yet canines would now be able to be screened for this sickness with a basic spit test.

Others:Patellar luxation (where kneecaps become unstuck), intrinsic heart absconds, thyroid issues, hypersensitivities, and skin diseases. To distinguish a portion of these issues, a veterinarian may suggest joint, skin, and symptomatic tests for the canine.

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